The Mill

This lake is fed by the River Eden. It covers a total area of two and a half acres and average depths of between 7 and 8 feet with deeper areas of over 10 feet near the top dam.

This trout lake is well established and offers the experienced angler the chance to fish natural patterns with a floating line, nymphs, buzzers and dry flies.

Trout stock sizes - a good 2lb to heavy doubles. There is no restriction on lines, except for shooting heads. Lures may be used as well. Maximum hook size is a 10 shank with a team of up to 3 flies permitted.

Coltsford Mill Trout Fishery


The Willow

This lake covers an area of one and a half acres. It is also fed by the River Eden. Though slightly smaller in surface area than The Mill overall the depths are greater, therefore fishing with heavier lines with lures seems to be consistently the best method for success.

As well as willow trees, this lake has an attractive back-drop of hawthorn trees and shrubbery offering good dry sport when fished close to these margins, especially on a Spring or Summer the evening.

Maximum hook size is 10 long shank with a team of 3 flies permitted and also lures.

Coltsford Mill Trout Fishery


The Top Cascade

The Top Cascade is fed directly from the The Mill through a conical flow dropping some fiveteen feet, giving a good supply of highly oxygenated water, resulting in strong fighting fish up to 6lb in weight. Accurate casting is required in the Top Cascade with sharp bends making for an extra challenge.

Traditional patterns and wet flies produce successful returns. Single fly, maximum hook size 10 shank, no lures permitted.

Coltsford Mill Trout Fishery


The Lower Cascade

Fed from the Top Cascade over a waterfall cascading down to a large pool with a small island. This cascade is a far easier way to fish but can still offer a challenge to both the novice and the experienced angler.

Again no lures are permitted in the Lower Cascade. This particular water usually provides a very good dry fly result in the evenings and is favoured by regular fishermen.

Coltsford Mill Trout Fishery

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