Fishery News and Events

Special Offer.

Available now a special offer intended for Beginners and Novices. The offer includes a voucher for half a day tuition with a half day fishing ticket for two fish. It also includes a rod, reel, fly line, net and flies, everything needed to get started.

For more details see the Beginners and Novices section of the Prices page.

The Fishemens Lodge.

The Fishemens Lodge is now complete. It has its own electricity supply and an electric kettle. It will soon have a refrigerator to keep your sandwiches and beer cool and later a microwave oven.

It is situated on the southern end of the Willow, between the Willow, the Mill and the Upper Cascade.

Coltsford Mill Trout Fishery

The recent cooler and breezier weather has greatly improved fishing conditions on all lakes. To take immediate advantage of these conditions all lakes have been stocked to near maximum capacity. So catch them if you can says Neil.

As usual tactics should be kept simple with floating lines, longish leaders and weighted flies being the most successful, particularly recently on bright early spring days.

If you want to you can fish sink tip or intermediate line on these brighter days.

Flies of the month are damsels, cats whiskers, goldhead vivas and goldhead daddies. Flies mentioned are usually available in the Tackle Shop.

Competitions and Events Calendar

Note: On Club Days the Fishery is usually closed to the General Public from 8.00am until 1.00pm.

Below (V) indicates a Fishery 2 Fish Ticket Voucher Prize.

Sunday 14th January – Committee v The Rest - Closed until 1.00pm.

Sunday 21st January – Coltsford Mill v Brick Farm - Closed until 1.00pm.


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